Orange Fisch

Orange Fisch was formed out of our mutual love for sports and passion for sharing the love and good news of Jesus Christ. With Michelle’s artistic vision and Branden’s business acumen, we began our journey to create apparel and accessories that supported our shared passions.

On our very first day we discussed our business plan and model. Without hesitation, we both agreed we would like to support organizations with a similar mindset and passion of sharing the good news. We decided that we would prayerfully consider these organizations and choose one each month.

We are thrilled and cant wait to see what God is going to do.

Customer Love
Love the site! Love the gear! We can’t wait to support Orange Fisch with our new clothes 😘
- Kendall Inkrott -
I wore my cute hat all weekend. Loved telling people where they could get their own after they told me how much they liked it.
- Alex R. -
I love my new coin purse!
- Beth H. -
We give back 10% of all sales...
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